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About Us

Our team is dedicated to providing all animals with the compassionate and expert care they deserve.

Vitality Veterinary Services is a contemporary full-service veterinary facility catering to the health and well-being of dogs and cats in the Kennesaw, Georgia area. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most affordable compassionate healthcare to all of our pet patients during every check-up, procedure, and surgery. We communicate with total transparency and the utmost respect to pet parents and strive to provide an outstanding client experience.

Our ultra-modern medical equipment, which includes an on-site laboratory and digital imaging, is poised to provide a broad spectrum of preventative medicine diagnostic services. In addition, we have close working relationships in the area with board-certified veterinarians in a full range of veterinary specialties so that your pet’s distinct medical condition may be managed closer to home.

We are a team of dedicated, experienced, and compassionate veterinary professionals. We pride ourselves on remaining ahead of the curve with respect to advances in veterinary medicine, pharmacology, and technology.

We treat every animal that walks through our door as though it was our own. Compassion and communication can be expected during each visit. We would love to have you and your beloved pet come by for a quick checkup to answer any concerns in detail, but we’re always available to answer simple questions by phone.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality affordable care – all exams are $29 – always.
  • A welcoming and warm veterinary hospital experience.
  • Same day appointments and walk-ins are welcome.
  • Compassion, communication, and transparency with every visit.
  • A variety of dog and cat wellness packages to choose from.
  • Complimentary coffee!

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All Exams are $29

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